Fujikura technology update

  1. 3 kW single stage all-fiber Yb-doped single-mode fiber laser for highly reflective and highly thermal conductive materials processing  (PDF)
  2. High-brightness and high-efficiency fiber-coupled module for fiber laser pump with advanced laser diode  (PDF)
  3. Ultimate high power operation of 9xx-nm single emitter broad stripe laser diodes (PDF)
  4. 高出力ファイバレーザにおける誘導ラマン散乱と耐反射性 (PDF)
  5. 2kW single-mode fiber laser with 20-m long delivery fiber and high SRS suppression (PDF)
  6. High-brightness laser diode module over 300W with 100um/NA 0.22 fiber (PDF)
  7. 光アイソレータ用単結晶TSLAG (PDF)
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Introduction to Fujikura - fiber specialist's technology platform for fiber laser products

High power laser diodes

High power laser diodes

World's highest brightness by original laser technology

Overwhelming semiconductor laser with DCH (Decoupled Confinement Heterostructure) technology achieved superior brightness and operates as a highly reliable light source for our fiber lasers. There are few fiber laser makers in the world which own high power semiconductor laser chip manufacturing technologies.

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Optical fiber for telecommunications

Optical fiber for telecommunications

Accumulated trackrecords for telecom infrastructure

Fujikura has been an optical fiber specialist for years where industry and customers demand 20 year reliability and its product line prevails all over the world. This technology base has been fully utilized to develop our high quality fiber laser products and to continuously develop various specialty optical fibers.

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Optical fiber couplers

Optical fiber couplers

Unprecedentedly reliable fused couplers

Optical fiber couplers are key devices combining multiple optical fibers without remarkable light loss through connections. Highly- esteemed Fujikura PM couplers are used for marine cable repeaters that require extraordinary reliability. This coupler technology is utilized for fiber laser development with superior efficiency as well as outstanding reliability.

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FBG (Fiber Bragg Grating)

FBG技術(Fiber Bragg Grating)

Reflecting mirror function - key device for fiber laser resonation

In order to oscillate laser light, a couple of FBGs that function as mirrors sandwich rare-earth-doped optical fiber in fiber laser structures. FBG is an important optical device determining laser oscillation characteristics. Fujikura has accumulated FBG designing and mass-manufacturing technologies in telecom industry, which contribute to develop fiber laser products.

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Optical isolator

Optical isolator

"One-way" optical device minimizes fiber laser damage

Optical isolator is a key device blocking optical feedback from target materials. This function not only prevents fiber lasers from damage but also stabilize laser beam output power. Although garnet crystal called 'TGG' is generally used for optical isolator specifically for fiber lasers, Fujikura applies special crystal called 'TSLAG' co-developed with NIMS (National Institute for Material Science of Japan) to its fiber laser products. TSLAG contributes to high quality, low cost production of optical isolators as the crystal is better suited for large size, homogeneous configuration in production from the perspective of its constituent materials.

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Specialty fibers

Specialty fibers

PANDA fibers - specialty optical fiber products

PANDA fibers are optical devices used to deliver light maintaining its polarization, which is an indispensable technology for a wavelength converter to shorten wavelength of light emitting from fiber lasers. Its polarization-maintaining property also makes difference in processing crystal that has specific polarization features. Fujikura specialty fibers offer environmentally resistant products for aerospace application and are highly praised in global optical markets.

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Fusion splicers

Fusion splicers

Fujikura fusion splicers has world's greatest market share

In a fiber laser structure, optical fibers play important roles to combine multiple optical devices, where Fujikura fusion splicers also assume key role to cleave and splice those fibers. As it comes to higher power beam delivery, fusion splicing technologies minimizing fiber coupling losses become increasingly important. Fujikura has gained fusion splicing technologies and experiences in telecom and optical fields for a long time.

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Cooling technology

Cooling technology / thermal solutionsThermal solutions Cooling technology / the K computerthe K computer by Fujitsu

Enhanced performance thermal solutions

Light source diode lasers in a fiber laser have extremely high wall-plug efficiency, however, collectively massive heat from electricity conversion loss needs to be cooled down economically. Fujikura's accumulated thermal solutions contribute to further high power fiber laser development.

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