Fujikura is Japan’s leading fiber-laser supplier, with several thousand systems in commercial operation. We specialize in high power Pulsed fiber-lasers for the OEM market. Our patented, unique optical designs provide many end user benefits including unprecedented deep engraving capabilities on high-melting-point metals, black laser marking on car components and high-speed micro-fabrication.

  • World’s highest power:75W output
  • Remarkable high beam quality:M2 <1.6
  • Robustness under harsh environment
  • Easy to Use
  • Maintenance-free
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World’s highest power: 75W output

World’s highest power:75W output

4 times higher power compared to general products

While 20W fiber laser models have some limitations in processing depth and speed, Fujikura’s new pulsed fiber laser has achieved 75W output power and overcomes such limitations and contributes largely to improvements in production efficiency, quality and throughput.

Remarkable high beam quality: M2 <1.6

Remarkable high beam quality:M2 <1.6

Achieve a perfect balance between beam quality and high power

Fujikura’s new pulsed fiber laser successfully combines its high beam-quality with the high output power, which has been technically difficult in the past. Since our unique technologies make it possible to strike a balance, generated high laser power density will be able to pioneer new processing method or unexploited target materials.

Robustness under harsh environment

Robustness under harsh environment

Heatproof, waterproof and dustproof capability

Fujikura pulsed fiber laser runs dependable operation under severe atmosphere up to 45 degrees C /113 degrees F. It can also demonstrate environmentally-resistant performances as its sealed structure provides water-proof/dust-proof features. Fujikura’s pulsed fiber laser works stably everywhere in the world.

Easy to use

REasy to Use REasy to Use

Quick and easy installation

Fujikura pulsed fiber laser is an easy-to-install and easy- to-replace product owing to its interface. Besides, Its original serial interface enables quick launch controlled on-site by PC through USB interface.



Conspicuous improvements in production efficiency

Fujikura pulsed fiber laser offers maintenance-free operation, however, if necessary, users can easily replace key component such as an isolator or laser diode, which users have never experienced on conventional products. This big advantages in an initial response to an emergency case makes much bigger difference not only in maintenance capability but also in production efficiency.


> Deep engraving and marking ( for car components, electronic components, 2D bar codes on precision metal components, characters and numbers, etc.)
> Cutting, welding, precision drilling (for metal thin plate, metal thin film, diamond, plastic, etc.)
> Laser trimming micro-fabrication

Workshop case studies

Carbon steel (JIS:SS400, ASTM:A283 Gr D, DIN:St 44-2)

    75W enables 20x deeper processing compared to 20W

  • 20W

    Carbon steel 20wPulse repetition rate: 76kHz
    Hole depth: 8um
  • 75W

    Carbon steel 75wPulse repetition rate: 76kHz
    Hole depth: 173um

Tough-pitch copper

    75W enables 2.5x deeper processing compared to 30W

  • 30W

    Tough-Pitch Copper 30wPulse repetition rate: 76kHz
    Hole depth: 528um
  • 75W

    Tough-Pitch Copper 752Pulse repetition rate: 76kHz
    Hole depth: 1347um

Pure aluminum (JIS:A1050, ASTM:B209, DIN:Al99.5)

    75W enables 5x deeper processing compared to 30W

  • 30W

    Pure Aluminum 30wPure Aluminum 30w 3DPulse repetition rate: 76kHz
    Hole depth: 198um
  • 75W

    Pure Aluminum 75wPure Aluminum 75w 3DPulse repetition rate: 76kHz
    Hole depth: 969um

Product specifications

Pulse Fiber Laser FLP-G Series
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Real and reliable OEM pulsed fiber laser solution

Fujikura has the largest shipment records of OEM pulsed fiber laser products and is the first and foremost supplier for Japanese users. Fujikura has historically developed telcordia compatible products to which strict design standards applied. As one of the biggest optical fiber manufacturer, Fujikura maintains high quality standard manufacturing and targets the world’s most reliable OEM pulsed fiber lasers. Since fiber laser’s key components are in-house products, Fujikura commits to offer quick and dependable maintenance support to customers over the world.